National AIDS Program under the General Administration of Infectious Diseases Control, unit of Deputy of Public Health, Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in the year 1994. The HIV screening program for blood and blood products was introduced in 1984, when the first case was detected. Since then, the response was to develop a central unit at the national capital Riyadh and regional centres in the twenty health provinces. The program supports HIV prevention, care, treatment and other support services for the marginalized and the vulnerable groups, while provides awareness and education for general public.

The HIV risks and vulnerabilities amongst adolescents and young people is well recognized over the world, with the Middle East and North Africa region (and Saudi Arabia) being no exception. With this view in mind a Communication campaign the “Zero New Infections, Zero Deaths and Zero Stigma and Discrimination’ has been launched throughout the country using Television and Radio media in 2012.