The mission of National AIDS Program (NAP) is to prevent new HIV infections from occurring and visualize working towards getting to ‘Zero New Infections, Zero Deaths and Zero Stigma and Discrimination’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NAP envisions where every person living with HIV and AIDS in the Kingdom will have access to quality care and is treated with dignity.

NAP envisages involvement of multi-sectorial partners in the health and non health sector, civil society, people living with HIV/AIDS, faith-based organisations, corporate sector and others to halt the further spread of HIV and maintain low prevalence rates of HIV amongst vulnerable groups and the general population.

NAP’s leadership role in providing a national coordinated HIV/AIDS/STI response to improve the quality of life, health and well being of persons living with HIV and AIDS will enhance access to comprehensive treatment, quality care and support services.

NAP is committed to build awareness and sensitise people on the issues of HIV and AIDS and lead effective communication campaigns for reaching ‘Zero New Infections, Zero Deaths, Zero Stigma and Discrimination’ in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NAP strongly believes that people empowered with correct knowledge and information on HIV/AIDS/STI are better equipped to protect themselves from HIV infection.

Our core beliefs / principles:

  • Respect for every individual as all human beings are equal.
  • Everyone has the right to access HIV information and services.
  • Passion to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS through our personal commitment.
  • Greater involvement of people living with HIV and AIDS in programs and policies in the country at all levels.
  • Building capacity of individuals and communities so that they can address their own needs.